Thursday, June 26, 2014

Last day of school...let the vacation begin

Alesia graduated first year of school. Together with teacher Sorina  studied mathematics, read, wrote and discussed about stories, created beautiful crafts and enjoyed every day of school. In fact I am sure Alesia would like the school to continue during summer but for now vacation is good too.

I have got a first grade graduation diploma and a story book

I am a happy teeth-less princess that is just starting the vacation

see you in 2nd grade!

Thank you Sorina for your hard work this year, Alesia is looking forward to start the school again.


Florian said...

Congratulation Alesia!
We are very happy to see you going in vacation ... iuhuu

Toni said...


Florian said...

La mulți ani Alesia!!!
La mulți, cât mai mulți ani.

Bärchen said...

No pictures now over a year?? I hope she is still happy and felling good???