Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Preschool Graduation and A Big Step Ahead

For those of you who already know Alesia is pretty clear that her face can express almost anything and you know that she does not really need to talk to get what she wants, of course some of you know that she is very smart and she have a really, really, REALLY strong will. I think this made possible for her to learn how to read and recently learned how to write.  This is a huge step ahead and with using this type of communication will help her evolve more rapidly.  Using a very sensitive button and a small and simple computer program that scans a list of letters/symbols she can pick the letters from a word/phrase one by one, and she is doing it very well as you can see in the clip below.

She is assisted by her Momy  and her teacher Sorina Ilie that worked with her last year and also read to her probably more than 1001 stories :).

Alesia using her little button to write words

Is the last day of preschool and she also received a graduation diploma.

Alesia and teacher Sorina
Alesia happy with her diploma! BRAVOOO!

Bravo Alesia we are really proud of you, our brave girl.
Mom and Dad

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