Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2% for Alesia. THANK YOU!

This post is  for my Romanian friends that helped me last year directed 2% of their income taxes to "Asociatia Noi Orizonturi Familia" that created a special account for me for this purpose: a big


This money where and are used for my medical needs. We would like to have your support this year as well. If you did not directed your 2% already please give us a little hand by filling in and submitting the (Declaratia 230) form


Acest post este unul de multumire catre prietenii mei din Romania care m-au ajutat anul trecut redirectand 2% din impozitul anual catre "Asociatia Noi Orizonturi Familia" care a creat un cont special pentru acest scop


Acesti bani au fost donati catre mine si folositi pentru a procura consumabilele medicale necesare. Avem nevoie de ajutorul dumeavoastra si anul acesta. Daca nu ati redirectat deja cei 2% va rugam sa ne ajutati completand si depunand Declaratia 230.


nynnetilde said...

how is she ... ?

nynnetilde said...

how is she ... ?

Ana Alesia said...


Alesia is enjoying good weather outside this days staying outside of the house in the mornings or in the evenings and watching the trees, birds, flowers around the house and of course listening stories read by her mother.

Thanks for asking and wish you all the best

Alesia's father

Iasi said...

Buna ziua
Imi cer scuze ca va deranjez insa va scriu pentru a va propune sa facem un schimb de linkuri - 3 way link exchange - in sensul ca eu voi pune linkul dumneavoastra pe iar dumneavoastra imi adaugati un link catre cu titlul Program liga 1.
Daca doriti sa facem schimbul doresc sa-mi spuneti titlul linkului dumneavoastra( adresa mea de mail este
O zi buna va doresc

nynnetilde said...

I was so worried for her she is so pretty :) hope her the best and to you :)

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