Thursday, April 7, 2011

Noi Orizonturi Familia - Thank you!

"Noi Orizonturi Familia" association  has been besides us for a long time now. They have been with us  3 years ago and so we could  bring Alesia back home  from hospital when we thought we will never be able to buy all the medical equipment required. This year our friends from this association created a special account to collect medical funds for Alesia obtained from 2% of annual income tax (for year 2010). The money collected into this account will be donated to us and will be used for medical necessities and to improve quality of life for Alesia. We thank to all of you that directed their 2% for Alesia already!

"Noi Orizonturi-Familia" is a not-for-profit association in Romania, whose goal is to enhance the quality of life for all members of the community. More about their projects can be found on their website:

Thank you Christian, Cristina and Noi Orizonturi Familia
Alesia & her family