Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Wheels, My Student and My Games

...This is my first power wheelchair . It is yellow, it is  Koala Permobile, it is just the size I need it to be and it works fine. Now, you may wonder where is the movie with "my first steps"? The movie is about to be made, hopefully soon, IF I will overcome the following challenges:

No. 0 - Breath while driving I am not strong enough to breath by myself. While on the move usually my LTV ventilator does this for me. Recently my LTV just failed me and I hope it can be repaired soon.

No. 1 - Control the chair. I am not strong enough  to move the joystick that is currently mounted on the chair. Need to find an alternate solution to control the chair.  If you read this and think about a solution please tell me.  Yes, I know it would had be wonderful if we could test the chair before and choose the proper control but unfortunately we do not have this option here where we  live: at the end of the world. That's why we bought an used chair from Germany. We are now happy that we have it, happy that is working and we will try to adapt it to my needs

No.3 - Power The batteries are old and it does not power the chair more than 15 minutes

SO, stay tuned for the movie with "my first steps"

Until then I am just hanging out with my little brother and I teach him staff :). I am older and I have so many things to share. For instance I show him how I can play the computer using my tash microlight switch. But for now it only seems to learn how to cry...hmmm....

Alesia teaching her brother about reflection

Have a happy spring all of you!