Friday, December 25, 2009

Decorating the Christmas Tree from Santa

I was very very busy because Santa brought me a Christmas tree and I had to decorate it:
Make some planning!

 Had to choose the color of the decorations!

Had to carefully place the decorations

To obtain the final product:

All the pictures can be found  here!

Merry Christmas /Craciun Fericit!
Alesia and her family

Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of those days...

Instead of preparing for Christmas we had one of those days when all the troubles that can happen are happening. It started in the morning with the first snow from this year, when instead of just enjoying the view with everything white and frozen (the ones that leave in Bucharest know what I mean by "frozen": it is a word that accurate describe car traffic) outside ....

1. The g-tube - a medical equipment inserted in my tummy,  that is my only way to eat or drink, decided to pop out. Let me tell you that if this is happening  and nobody is noticing quick to insert a new one in place in less than 30 minutes everything will end up with a trip to the hospital, a new surgery and all of this "good staff" that we are trying to stay away and anyway today the traffic is frozen here (no joke or even funny).  Lucky us that we had a spare g-tube and we had the courage to insert  it. It did not entered easily, but in the end entered and we could inflate the ballon that holds the g-tube inside.....which by the way did not looked symmetrical at all when we tested it prior to insert the tube so we might expect a short life for this g-tube as well. I hope we can buy a new one in the meantime.

then when everything seemed to be back to normal....

2.  The fever strikes us. What could it be? It is because the g-tube incident? It is an infection? it is cold or a flu? all of this question contains words that scare us so much....

We are waiting for: some medical analysis results to know what we are dealing ... some white nights not only because of the snow outside....

That day was on Tuesday. Today seems to be so different. The fever is gone and the new g-tube is still in place.

We need your prays and as usual lots of miracles...


Monday, December 14, 2009

Medical supplies donated to Alesia by BBraun Romania

The BBraun Romania company did a very generous donation for Alesia in medical supplies for 1 year:

  • Sterile water -  for respiratory humidifier and for suctioning
  • Hands and surface disinfectant -  to keep the viruses and germs away 
  • Syringes  used for feeding and medicine 
  • Stoma care products
  • Sterile and examination gloves

This is very big help for us, are part  of the critical products required  for daily medical care for Alesia that are not covered by medical insurance (like it is would cover something! ;) ).

Thank you BBraun Romania!