Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Homework for today: some math and some english

Since the weather outside is so bad this days we are just staying inside the house and learn counting. I learn counting, mommy learn english  and daddy learn now to use the printer :)

Alesia counting to 4 (english only :))

Of course there will be critics saying that the pronunciation is not perfect :). Well, this may be because I am only 3 years old and I have a trach tube in my throat.

I hope we will do another snapshot movie when we reach 99999999999999999 with counting. How do you say this in english anyway?

Love y'all
AAA (and M pending)


Anonymous said...

hi Alesia. it nice to see you again.
remember me? from japan nicu...
my daugther took her first juice yetserday. november 4, 2009 wednesday at 2:00pm. it was apple juice and she likes it very much.
i am planning to make her a blog too like yours.
we are taking intense traning to get ready for home soon.
God bless you Alesia. Gid bless you and your Mom and Dad and baby.

Nina said...

I was getting worried I had not heard anything in awhile. Glad Things seems to be going well.

Elizabeth is doing good.

Hugs from the US in IL. How is the AA diet going?