Saturday, September 12, 2009

New stander

Remember us complaining about not having a supine stander? We have got one from my guardian angel - my prince that is looking at me and sends me help when I needed. Yes it is an angel for me because I never saw him and still he seem to know when I need something and get me out of my needs THANK YOU!

I made a movie with the first day of using it. You can tell that I enjoy it!

We will start to rise the angle progressively and hope that some day will be able to sit up a couple of minutes (even tight up ). Otherwise how am I gonna go to school?

Love y'all


Anonymous said...

What a great gift! Happy Birthday, little one!

Mihaela said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

Florian said...

Happy happy happy Birthday Alesuca !!! :*

Anonymous said...

hi Alesia. happy happy happy birthday! i am happy to see your happy smiling face.
God bless you pretty little girl!
- with love from Japan (red cross NICU)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Alesia!