Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Returning home from holiday

I am back home from my "short" visit (2 weeks) to my grandparents. It was nice and most of all it was a real victory for me because I was not really hoped that I will be able to go outside my room and the possibility to go somewhere outside the city seemed not long ago impossible for me. Indeed it was not easy, preparing this trip was pretty much like preparing a trip to the moon, taking all the equipment, backup for equipment, my special special food ... and the list can go on and on filling 2 cars :).

I enjoyed every moment:

Spent time with my little cousin Tudor:

being happy with mommy (and her tummy! ):

and daddy being happy with us:

and .... hiking trials

all the pics here:

....I am now waiting for the next trip. You wanna join me :)?

Love y'all,


Anonymous said...

hi Alesia. i am thankful to have gotten the chance to read your blog. it helped gave more faith and more hope for our little daughter who in some way is partly like you but more heavy though because she also got the same thing you have on the throat and on the tummy. she suffered from coma becuase of fetal distress caused by a premature separation of the placenta on the 40th week and 1 day during my pregnancy. our daughter, like you is also a fighter and we are proud of you little girls to be such fighters! despite the things that the doctors have said, she keeps on proving them wrong.
God bless you Alesia. God bless us all.
- with love from Japan
(our daughter is at the NICU department of red cross hospital but we are hopeful to take her home soon)...

Anonymous said...

Dumnezeu sa fie cu tine , sa te ocroteasca si sa te ajute pe tine si pe parintii tai!
esti o curajoasa si o frumoasa !ai sa reusesti sa invingi greutatile!
cu dragoste

Anonymous said...

hi again Alesia. i am the same person who posted a comment on your blog last august 25, 2009. i hope you are doing great Alesia. well, as for our daughter, she is still not stable at the moment but we are in good and strong hope and faith that things will get better for her. and we will get along these trials. i hope to see you soon on your blog. and you have such wonderful loving parents most espacially your mom who made this beatiful blog for you. it touches lives. it makes people apprecaite life. it makes people realize that there is great strength within us. and make us believe on never giving up a fight and giving every fight your best.
God bless you Alesia and your family. take care...
- with love from Japan
(red cross NICU)

Ana Alesia said...

My dear friend from Japan thank you so much for your kind comments. Your daughter is such a fighter from the very first day of her life. Please stay strong as she will need a little help in this fight. We will pray for her, and for you to have your daughter back home, happy and for a wonderful, beautiful life. God bless us all

with all out love
Alesia and her parents

(please email us if you think we can help you in any way)