Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Returning home from holiday

I am back home from my "short" visit (2 weeks) to my grandparents. It was nice and most of all it was a real victory for me because I was not really hoped that I will be able to go outside my room and the possibility to go somewhere outside the city seemed not long ago impossible for me. Indeed it was not easy, preparing this trip was pretty much like preparing a trip to the moon, taking all the equipment, backup for equipment, my special special food ... and the list can go on and on filling 2 cars :).

I enjoyed every moment:

Spent time with my little cousin Tudor:

being happy with mommy (and her tummy! ):

and daddy being happy with us:

and .... hiking trials

all the pics here:

....I am now waiting for the next trip. You wanna join me :)?

Love y'all,