Sunday, June 7, 2009

Roses, Botanical Garden and ....Ducks

It was a great sunny and very hot Sunday that called for a walk outdoor . Since we can not go very far from home we went today in our Botanical Garden. We could see a lot of flowers and trees in one place, I couldn't climb on the trees yet but I had a little nap in the middle of a roses field instead.

There was a lot of people visiting the garden today and we haven't been in a such public place since we got the trach and the ventilator. There is such strange feeling when people are looking at you with compassion or simply curiosity and I am thinking for myself .... and now out loud: Alesia will have to be really strong, probably much stronger than us to face this looks later on.

But some of the looks came with funny comments from little visitors refering to our stroller and the ventilator:

"- Dady, Dady look they have a stroller with radio!
- It is not a radio and I told you not to speak that loud....

I will be strong!

Love y'all

Pictures at Botanical Garden

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Kimberley said...

Alesia will be stronger because of the comments people make. But it's all in how you react. We try to take awkward moments like that and turn them to our advantage. We use it as a way to educate people and tell them about Kaitlyn and her equipment. We never act embarassed by comments or show that the comments bother us, as we do not want Kaitlyn to feel this! Just some thoughts!

Take care, KIM