Monday, June 8, 2009

Almost flying, almost free and ... happy

We are trying to keep Alesia close to vertical position as much as possible. There are a lot of complication that arise from staying too long in lying position and in the same time we may get a lot of benefits from keeping her in standing position as much. This is not easy because she can not swallow yet and we have to be very careful with the secretions not go on the wrong way while vertical. It would be good to have stander to help with positioning (correct positioning) but...we do not have a company close to us (in Romania) that will sell this equipment and that could give us some advices and the possibility for a trial. While we have access to a lot of presentations and movies and information about this products we do not know how to chose it to be good for Alesia based only on this.

While we are searching for a stander, Alesia is using daddy as a "stander", in several episodes of a couple minutes each with or without ventilator. It is far more fun without ventilator because she can fly around the room .... almost free!!!

Almost flying, almost free and ... happy


Kimberley said...

Super!! I loved every second of this clip! Alesia looks so good.

Kisses for the good job Alesia!

Ana Alesia said...

@Kimberly: We gave Alesia additional kisses today to include the ones from you :)

Devon said...

She is so beautiful. I am glad you put the English on the video!!

She does look good. She is an angel child. Dakin is sending kisses too!

Anonymous said...

Alesia, te vei face bine cu siguranta.


Ana Alesia said...

@Devon & Dakin: More kisses included today in Alesia menu :). Alesia and us sends back back all our love to Dakin superman