Sunday, May 24, 2009

A loooot of sun and joy because.....

I had today a lot of fun and joy because the weather was so nice today (Thank You God!) and I could go out for a walk in the sun for almost 2 hours. This is huge for me! I could see the trees, the birds, flowers, peoples running around, the blue blue sky and I will now know what colors to choose when I am coloring with mommy, I could feel the wind, the sun gently touching my hands and my face...I many things that are simple and beautiful and we should be happy that we have them everyday for free...without any effort.

Look at the pictures below and tell me how do I look with the sun glasses borrowed from my friend doctor Cristian Tanase, with Texas flag bandanna, surrounded by love and all the equipment that may look scary but made this walk possible and is keeping me alive until the Miracle will happen.

Today's adventure

Love to y'all


Kimberley said...

Looks like you all had such a beautiful day. How long did it take Alesia to ask to do it again? LOL I bet she'll want to go out all the time now! Hope you have lots of opportunity to get out in the sunshine this summer. You've worked so hard for this. Thank you so much for sharing your day! Alesia looks sooo good.

Hugs, Kimberley and Kaitlyn

Florian said...

Alesia, let's do it again next Sunday.
Hope you've enjoyed as much as we all do seeing you in the sun :*

Devon said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad you guys got out for so long! It makes a difference to be outside!!!