Sunday, January 25, 2009

Commando to change the trach tube

Yesterday and today I had the feeling that I am taking part of an special operation similar to a commando, or a walk on the moon. The "commando" today was successful and  the enemy (an infection around the trach) was defeated. 

What is this all about? 

In the last couple of days on the skin around my trach an infection occurred. I had to take some medicine and a special treatment so that the infection to go away. To prevent further infection on the spot the trach tube needed to be changed. Here is how the commando started:

Friday; 23 Jan 2009; Place: My Home

While evaluating the possibility  of a safe change the trach tube at home we decided that due to a recent infection of the skin around the trach, this being the first trach change after it was originally placed 7 months back, and us not having any experience with changing a trach tube, the operation needs to take place at the hospital to minimize the risks in case of complications and to apply a special treatment for the skin around the trach

Sunday 25 Jan 2009; 12:30 Place: My Home

Departure from home with supervision  of my dear doctor and with the BGS Ambulance team

Sunday; 25 Jan 2009; 13:00 Place Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital

Arriving at the hospital, meeting old friends, changing the tube, applying the treatment, taking off back home 

Sunday; 25 Jan 2009; 15:45  Place My Home 

Arriving safe back home to my story books, movies and toys. 

Special thanks to:

Doctor Cristian Tanase: Head of operations, our saver and hero
Prof. Doctor Ioan Basca: Profesor, Doctor, Artist and our hero
Nurse Cristina Olteanu: beside me in a hard moment 
ICU of Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital:  The place!
BGS  and their special team for the Interstellar Ambulance (It is really required a spaceship and special skills to drive in Bucharest)

Operation was a success and we might have to change the trach more often, probably once every month to prevent occurring other infections. Here are some picture from todays trip - my first trip outside my home in the last 6 months:

Saturday, January 17, 2009

G-tube changed...finally!

After so many days of worries because the old g-tube was not functioning anymore as it should,  today, thanks to my dear doctor Cristian Tanase, that is getting me out of trouble every time for the last couple of months, the worries are not there anymore....I have a new G-tube: Horray!

The old g-tube was a Nutriport gastronomy system from Kendall size 12Fr and 1,2 cm was working fine and we did not had any important issues while using it for more than 6 months. The new gastronomy placed is Mickey from  Kimberly Clark  size 14Fr with 1,2 cm.  The first impression is that the new type of g-tube is much easier to use due to its system of attaching/detaching the feeding extension. 

The changing procedure  went relatively smooth and the only issue was while removing the old g-tube because this had a problem with the valve that allowed the balloon that is holding it inside to be deflated.  This issue was probably due to the extended time of usage of the g-tube. We where lucky that it was changed by someone with skills and experience and the problem was solved without trips to hospital. 

Almost everything else is good with me, beside the g-tube that was solved I have a small big problem with the skin around the trach, but this does not seem to affect my mood, I still sing with Fiona, I am still preparing the food, and I am reading a looooooot of stories. I have some treatment prescribed and I think this will be solved soon,  please pray for this!

Love y'all

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Milk is good... some cooking tips

I just can not stand it and watch how my dinner is prepared by somebody else .... so I have to try myself to do it.  Look at movie below and learn how to prepare the formula. I think you will notice how well I am moving my hand.

Bon appetit!