Saturday, December 27, 2008

Singing with princess Fiona

Check out in the movie below a morning song together with princess Fiona from my favorite movie Shrek:

Happy Holidays  for everyone!


Devon said...

I've said it before and I will say it again. She is too cute!

Hope you guys had a good Christmas!

Dan Gheorghe said...

la multi ani!

Kimberley said...

Bravo Alesia! Great job singing sweety!

Antonio Misión Ayudar said...

Hello Alesia and parents:

God has blessed you all.
We are from Mexico but living in houston usa.
I have a son, his name is Antonio. I have told him about Alesia and he send greetings to you.
He has being hospitalized for 10 months and he will start to use the smart nav too.
He has a blog also: and his purpose is to encourage every body to do a simple favor to somebody else and so on: a chain of favors for the world.
Alesia, Antonio and many other children are angels that inspire people and bring love to every body.
Please receive our love and a kiss for that precious baby.
Adriana and Antonio

Barb said...

I was surfing and found Alesia's site. My grandson also has SMA and he uses the SmartNav.
I will pray for you as I pray for all the children. I hope you have a wonderful and healthy 2009.
Nana Barb

Nina said...

Love it!!She is too cute.
Happy Healthy New Year to you too!!

Anonymous said...

Alesia, that was the most beautiful singing I've ever heard! You're adorable!