Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some issues around the trach: solved!

Some panic for my parent couple days ago while changing the trach bandage when a little blood was seen on it. So many worries and almost ready to go to the hospital but we did not, we cleaned very well the spot and we used some more "Betadina" than usual on the area. We checked the spot next day and we noticed that is getting better and next day even better.

My doctor said that this can happen because of the friction between trach and skin. A special treatment will be applied on area when trach tube will be changed next time. I would place some pictures before and after but I think is better if I do not (it may scare you).... It is very hard... every second something can go wrong and we might not know what to do, how to act on the situation....but this is the only way, it is our way and we have to take it. The reward for my parents is the fact that I am happy against all the odds and the difficulties that I am fighting with. I pray that God will keep us away from dificult moments and will do a miracle for me and for all children that are suffering and fighting for their life each breath.

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