Sunday, October 5, 2008

In the water again....I'm loven' it!

There is a long period of time since I could not do a bath in the bath tube. During this time I was washed like a medieval princes using an wet towel due to several restriction imposed for my safety. But today I was finally able to stay in the tube and ENJOY warm water and toys floating around me. This may seem trivial, but in my case it is actually an adventure and there are a lot of things that needs to be taken care of:

1. NO drop of water to get inside the trach
2. Do Not slip into the tube
3. Very careful with maneuvers of moving in and out of the tube
4. Reconnecting to the breathing circuit
5. Positioning
6. Very careful with the secretion not to go on the path airway
7. Careful with the g-tube (not sure if it is ok to go under water with it)

Anyway I loved it and I was actually crying when I had to go out because I wanted to stay more. My mummy had to promise that I will do another bath today after I eat just to make me stop crying. And you know what else I discovered? The bath tube that I was using 4 months ago is way to small for me now. Of course you realize that this means I have grown up! I definitely need a new bath tube.

In the water again....I'm loven' it!

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