Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 times close to ..."the END" today

Have you ever been in your entire life with the resources close to 0 (zero) and with the stress close to maxim? I think you have been.... I've been also, many times,... including today. There was a power outage for 5 hours and half and all our backup resources where close to 0 and our nerves close to 100% limit.  

Therefore, we discovered that in the current configuration the autonomy of our critical equipment is: 3.5 hours ventilator battery + 2 hours UPS. (5 hours and half instead of 8 hours as we originally estimated from the product specifications). We definitely  need to find a solution that will give as a longer autonomy.

Luckily the outage was during the daytime and we could get help from friends that brought us additional UPSs and batteries and power was restored in time and I could breath again...

Therefore my life is not only figuratively  hang on a tiny wire it is actually also hanging on a wire connected to power source.


Florian said...

Alesia, I'm sure you even noticed that it was a power outage. You was just wandering why there are so many candles in the room. And the real answer is that candle light is very peaceful, like your eyes and your smile.
Don't forget to keep in shape and don't let mom and dad to sleep until 3AM ;)

Nina said...

Your daughter us beautiful.
Please contact me anytime for any info I can give you.