Saturday, September 13, 2008

2 Years... and counting!

Let me tell you what happened to me this morning when I woke up: There where 2 big beautiful and happy balloons right in in front of me and they where saying:

- "Good morning Alesia!" we are your 2 little years that lived with you since you where born. I am 2006/7 and, this is my small brother 2007/8 and we want to introduce to you our smallest brother 2008/9. And then they start singing: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu......

And in this time I was looking on the ceiling and I saw that actually all the ceiling was full of happy balloons! Wow, I'm wondering if all this balloons are brothers of my 3 friend balloons that woke me up this morning!

Later in the day I found out that the balloons where send by a friend that wanted to make a beautiful surprise. Thank you!

Check out some pictures from my birthday! How do I look?

2 Years ... and counting!


Florian said...

Happy Many Birthdays Alesia!!!
You are so cute with all that balloons tied to you :)
I'm waiting to see all of you today when I'll come to you with some presents that I have for you too.
Once again happy, happy, happy birthday and don't forget to invite me to your 3rd birthday party :*

Calin said...

La multi ani!

Ada Demirgian said...

La multi ani Alesia! La multi ani Magda!

Luiza Iarinca said...

La multi ani Alesica! Ma gandesc cu drag la tine aproape in fiecare zi. Va pup, si va admir pentru curaj :)

Anonymous said...

La multi ani , Alesia!
Esti o puiuta tare scumpa si o luptatoare! Te iubim mult , cu toate ca nu ne-am vazut niciodata!
Multi ani inainte!
Cu multa dragoste, Maja si mamica ei, Dana

Anonymous said...

La multi ani micuta luptatoare!
Cu dragoste,
Emma si mamica ei Eliza

Petraluca said...


paramag said...

Belated Happy birthday wishes Alesia. You look sooo cute with all those balloons. The pics look so bright with you in them. I will always pray for the best for you. May you always live in peace & happiness.

mara said...

la multi ani, alesia!

Anonymous said...

Cu ceva intarziere, draga si scumpa Alesia, LA MULTI ANI! alaturi de parintii tai extraordinari. Esti in fiecare zi in rugaciunile mele. Vreau sa ii arat fetitei mele pozele si filmuletele tale dragalase. Ea are doar 10 luni, dar sigur o sa te iubeasca!!!

Diana, mama Sofiei