Friday, August 1, 2008

My bracelets, my smile, soon hospital bye, bye :)

Nothing is really new about me, just wanted you to see the pictures taken today where you will sure notice my bracelets and my red ring that nurse Dana gave me yesterday, or the day before yesterday. Please, please tell me that I'm cute!
And you know why I'm smiling like that? Because the doctors said that if everything is alright I will go at home next week.

Love y'all and thank you for all the help sent to my parents for me

My bracelets, my smile, soon hospital bye, bye!


Mirela said...

Alesia, esti minunata si curajoasa. Iti doresc sa poti pleca acasa cat mai repede si sa poti sa te bucuri, fara restrictii de timp, de dragostea parintilor tai.

emilia said...

Doamne, nici nu stiu ce sa spun.
Din ce am calculat, suntem nascute in aceeasi zi, o minunata zi de 12 septembrie!
Iti urez din inima, fa-te bine dulceatza mica, fa-te bine, traieste sa-ti serbezi ziua de nastere!
Dumnezeu are grija!