Sunday, August 17, 2008

It is Sunday, I'm Home so I'm sleeping late!

It is Sunday morning and I am sleeping late , it is past 11 and I'm still sleeping. I already skipped the morning meal at 7, my 11 meal is due but my daddy does not want to wake me up because I'm sleeping so peaceful and deep...but wait!...

...good morning sunshine! daddy just started to write this post and I woke up...I did not cried, I smiled instead, asked for the toys around me, called my mommy, asked for water...I'm feeling again home! It is the beginning of a wonderful Sunday that was possible because of all the prayers, support and help that I received from all around the world.

Love y'all

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Ada Demirgian said...

Multumesc pentru stropul asta de liniste pe care ni l-ai impartasit. Ma bucur ca Alesia e acasa. Sa va dea Dumnezeu putere s-o ingrijiti!