Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sad, discouraged and ... in prison

Disclaimer: The people in this post that are referred as "not having respect for life" does NOT refer to the medical staff of Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital. The medical staff from GA are referred as the ones that with their creativity can not compensate the " poverty, the indifference and in some cases the lack of hearth and respect for life of some other people" - people that created and maintain the medical infrastructure weak (almost as weak as Alesia) and in poverty in the majority of the hospitals in our country. Sorry for the confusion created!

Today I am a little bit sad and discouraged. I found out that love, devotion and even creativity of a few people can not compensate at all the poverty, the indifference and in some cases the lack of hearth and respect for life of some other people. I do not want to judge nobody because I am so very small and I am not in the position to judge. I just wanted to cry a little, and tell you that when I thought I started to gain the happiness back into my life and see a road to a better life in front of me, an old rule started to be strictly enforced. Another piece from my happiness has been taken away, and I have been sent to a maximum security prison....What have I done?

I will not refer to specific person or places because I think I might heart myself additionally One question I have for you though, Please tell my what do you think? Is it something good that is coming out from the following rule: I am only allowed for 15 minutes per day to talk with my parents (and this is only with my mommy)?

No pictures today because I am sad, I cried a lot and do not want you to see me like this.

Love you all!


IP said...

Hi Alesia,

You should think that all these wierd and hard rules are here to protect you and make you better so that you will go home as fast as possible.

Mummy and daddy are always with you with their mind and their soul as you are with them. Be happy for the 15 minutes you get to see mummy and soon will be 30... then 60 until you get to see them all the time

Tons of healh,

- IP

Calin said...

Crying is not a shame, many times is the most sincere expression of ourselves. Don't be afraid to cry, take pride in it.

Freddie Mercury said once "one year of love is better than a lifetime alone" - is this similar to your daily 15 minutes with mum+dad? How can concentrate all the love-giving/reiceiving within that time? How can you "sabotage" and stop the time when being with mum & dad?

mamadenene said...

Alesia, Magda, and Daniel: The Lord has put you in my thoughts and in my heart to pray for you every day. I don't know why this is happening. It's just horrible. My heart hurts for you so much.