Monday, July 28, 2008

I've got a new nose - it is called MR850

A new equipment was added today into the circuit a respiratory humidifier that plays the role of nose. Let me explain: Because I have to be ventilated through tracheotomy, my natural cute nose is bypassed and so the air does not pass anymore over a warm, ciliated mucous layer before passing to the nasopharynx. If the humidifier is not present in the circuit the air that is delivered into my lungs becomes dry and sometime not warm enough. This is not causing only my discomfort but it is also affects the properties of my path airways and will cause dehydration . That's why it is needed a respiratory humidifier for me now. The one that was choose for me is called MR850 from Fisher Paykel

Previously I had a humidifier connected to the ventilator in the hospital. One difference is that this one is now connected to the ventilator that I will use at home (hopefully soon) and another difference is that the new humidifier have some advantages on the existing one:
  • Control the quality of the air delivered to the patient: temperature and moisture
  • Automatic feeding with water from an external source
  • Alarms if anything goes wrong with regards to the quality of air or with the humidifier
I hope this new humidifier will increase the quality of my life until the air will flow again through my cute little nose.

Thank you RadiusMed for the special price offered for me and thank you Oxygenplus for helping me with connecting the humidifier to the respiratory circuit.

Love y'all

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Anonymous said...

Draga Alesia,
imi pare bine ca ai un al doilea nasuc care sa te ajute sa respiri bine si sa-ti recapeti fortele.
Imi pare de asemenea bine ca nu mai ai febra si iti doresc muuultaa sanatate!