Saturday, June 28, 2008

Alesia seems to take very well the trach and the g-tube and she seems very happy that she does not need to have tubes in her mouth and nose.
She is recovering very well and the possibility to return home is closer and closer to become a reality. Some preparation are necessary though because it seems that she will not be able to breath without support for some time. Therefore she will need:
  • Medical Ventilator, Oxygen concentrator, Humidifier - to help her with breathing
  • A Suction Machine - to clean secretions from her little mouth and nose (because I can not swallow effectively yet)
  • A Cough Assist machine to help eliminate secretion from the lungs
  • My parents to do some training to take care of me

Going forward....

The surgical procedure for tracheotomy and g-tube went very smoothly and the doctors from Grigore Alexandrescu Hospital simply worked as a team to make this happening. Both had to be placed virtually in the same time due to the high risk of anesthesia involved by neuromuscular condition.

Everybody seems to put all their hearth and soul and love in helping me.  Although this is an unfair fight with this cruel disease,  nobody seems to give up on me. Doctors are putting all their knowledge, nurses are carefully taking care of me, everybody that knows me is thinking about me and praying for me.

Thank YOU all!

I'm a little bit scared but I'm continuing the fight (Alesia in ICU)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tracheotomy and G-tube for me

There is more than 2 week since I am intubated and because I do not seems to have enough strength to breath by myself my dear doctors that are treating me with so much love decided that the only option for me to continue fighting  is to have: 

1. Tracheotomy for me to be able to breath
2. A g-tube for me to be able to eat

It is a scary and hard decision to make but it seems that it is the only option for me now.