Saturday, August 25, 2007

Vladimir is not seeing colors....he is seeing me well soon

There is this man called Vladimir that is waking me up almost every morning! He can not we do. He is not seeing colors, he is not seeing even black and white but very often he see things better than us.

He comes almost every morning, he is waking me up and help my muscles and bones to stay in good condition. He is a physical therapist and because I can not move (yet) as much as other children do, doing massage every day it is a must for my muscle blood circulation, articulations, tendons and my tiny little bones, my spine and most important for thoracic cage.

There are 4 months since Vladimir is coming to me and it is a great help for me and do not know what I would do without him!

Vladimir and Alesia talking about massage therapy

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Anonymous said...

Hi Alesia!
Glad to hear you're getting those massages. Bet they feel so good! Keep getting stronger. --Lety