Thursday, May 10, 2007

The KI method gives me hope

I am now in Carrollton to meet the doctor that helped a lot of people to recover from conditions that seemed without escape. The doctor's name is Glenn King. He discovered is developing and most important is sharing with all the world a healing method that promise to be very powerful: The TKM method.
And you know what is also important? Dr King and his wife Hilary are loving me and they have promised to me that I will soon walk and sing because God is having big plans with me and I believe them, it has to be this way! It worked very well for my friend Irene and it will also work for me and then for all the children in the world that are diagnosed and fighting with SMA. You will see ;)!

Dr. King and Hilary have worked on me and also taught my parents how to use the method so that it will be useful for me. And we have first results after only a few sessions: my legs are stronger than before, my right arm is stronger and I can slowly rise it to reach for objects above me. It will take a lot and constant work applying this method but this seems very small price to pay for what it promises to offer.

Love y'all


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hesham said...

dear Alesia, i have a girl called hana she is 3y.o we r from cairo Egypt . my hana have the SMA. we discover it when she was 6 month.i hope u all the best wishes in ur treatment may be u become a hope for all of us