Thursday, May 24, 2007

Back at home...but not for long

I finally arrived back home in Bucharest after my beautiful trip and after I meet a lot of people there that helped me and that will support me from now on also. The trip back went even smoother than the one to US and I did not even had problem with my nose after the flight back home.

I did not had the chance to unpack all my staff because I had to leave home again to go into another place to do water therapy. The name of the place is "Baile 1 Mai" and it is quite far from Bucharest but it is famous for its natural thermal water and for its medical clinic that is specialized in working with children that are having problems similar with me. I will stay here almost a month.

My mother is saying that we are in a summer camp here :). I like here, there are a lot of kids here but I can not talk with them yet because they do not understand me. I'm too small? Well I hope I will make friends here too. Actually I already have friends here: are the doctors that are taken care of me and although I'm a little tired after each session, I feel like I will learn how to swim :)

May God put infinite joy in your hearts (so that you can pray for me :) )!



Parama said...

I really hope that you enjoy your life to the fullest extent possible. May god be with you always.

Florian said...

Happy Birthday Alesia :*
This is your first year and I'm so happy to see you fine. I'm waiting for Sunday party ;)

Good bless you.