Sunday, April 29, 2007

Meeting Irene & stopping SMA

....Well, here I am in Texas to meet Irene, the girl or the angel, that gives me and my parents hope and strength to fight with SMA. I'm also here to ask all the peoples that helped her to be victorious over her SMA to also help me in the same way so that I will also be able to walk (soon).

I have been traveling 15 hours with 2 airplanes and I was such a good child all this time, more over I was "The Star" of the airplane, everybody was stopping over my seat and was talking with me, smiled at me, and guess what, I was also talking back and smile even with Texan accent... nobody had any clue that I wasn't actually travel for a holiday, I was traveling to search for a cure ... I told them all about me and I asked them to pray for me.

Now the day that I was waiting finally came! My dear Dr. Croley will use his Total Repro Bioresonance to reprogram my body so that the missing gene and enzymes will be compensated and so the evolution of the disease will be stopped. It sounds very "science fiction", however after the first treatment it seems that I started to slowly move my legs, I am coughing stronger , and I am holding small objects in my hand for a longer period of time than before. So definitely something positive happened for me. I'm now praying for this progresses to continue.

So many beautiful things happened on this day! One of the most beautiful one was that Irene and her parents came to see us (300 miles away) at doctor clinic. It was a vibrant moment! I was seeing the beautiful Irene, full of life and energy, standing in her own feet , drawing, talking, laughing and this gives me power to fight because I know now that someone already beat the SMA monster. Now I only have to use the same weapons and strategy and I can be victorious too. And I pray to be victorious too, because in this case it will not be only about me and Irene it will be a living proof for all the desperate parents that are searching for a way to heal their precious babies diagnosed with SMA.

Maybe I am now over optimistic and maybe a little bit dreamy but I need this positive attitude from me and from everybody that loves me and want me to keep the smile on my face.

Love y'all ;)



Moni said...

Howdy, Alesia! Welcome to Texas! :D I hope all the prayers will be answered soon. Stay strong, sweetie!

Satimal said...

My family and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers! Alesia can beat this, hard work always pays off! Patience goes a long way and prayers will be answered!
Sophia(Irene's aunt in Houston)